Friday, January 8, 2010

A Turn of Phrase Will Make Your Day!

Posted on/at 6:17 PM by Sheryl McCoy

Coin That Phrase was a 2009 finalist for the Chicago Innovation Award. It's a social interaction and networking service that brings cool phrases to the attention of others.

While some of the phrases are classical ones, others are new. If you look the phrases over, you can vote on them or do other interactive activities.

Do you have a phrase that is just about you? If so, try out this service. You can get T-shirts and other stuff to commemorate your cool turn of phrase.

Coin That

Coin That Phrase, LLC

Coin That Phrase (live beta up now at is a service that brings together social media, crowdsourced intellectual property, and merchandising. It's a means by which users may register and own phrases which can then be affixed to merchandise (coffee cups, tees, etc.) and sold, with Coin That Phrase providing manufacture, fulfillment and shared revenue.

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