Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teacher Tech DIY: Screen Shots 101

Posted on/at 9:41 AM by Sheryl McCoy

How would you direct someone to copy the computer screen, if they want to but have never done it before?

The first step in making an image from something you see on your computer screen involves PRINTING THE SCREEN. It is a relatively simple procedure, once you learn the basic steps. I always like to find instructions that anyone can use, and I have.

One of my Professional Learning Network colleagues, Cyndi Bowman, created a wiki that includes several tips for teachers starting to use technology in their classroom. She covered topics such as Blackboard basics, Safe Assignments, Online photo editing and the Print Screen (Fn Prt Sc).

I'm so impressed with her efforts, because the topics Cyndi has included are those that all teachers want and need to know, especially in the beginning. She also provides instructions in a downloadable format, as .pdf files. If they choose, a teacher can print these instructions and follow them for success.

What are your favorite websites, blogs or wikis that provide support for the teacher learning how to use technology in a helpful, not stressful manner? Let's make a hotlist.


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