Sunday, December 27, 2009 Preview Pioneers

Posted on/at 3:58 PM by Sheryl McCoy

Rocketry Planet gets it. The whole purpose of preview software or web applicants is to help readers move around your blog or website more effectively. preview web application does that.
It's not just seeing the website before you click on the link, even though that is a very powerful tool. can also help save time by just opening a tiny preview screen that is still readable, saving memory usage as well.
Rocketry Planet makes The SPA 100:'s select site list



System News by Planet News

Friday, January 12, 2007

ImageWORLD WIDE WEB — In an widely-distributed email announcement, today announced The SPA 100: A Selection Of 100 Sites Using Snap Preview Anywhere.  Of the 100 sites listed as their picks to honor a few of the most interesting Snap Preview Anywhere sites, included 10 sites in the announcement.  Rocketry Planet had the privilege of being listed fifth.

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